Custom Sawmilling

Our sawmill can accommodate logs up to 34 inches across and 16 feet long.  It is fully mobile, so we can mill lumber at your place or ours.  For sawmill services at our location, you can deliver the logs and pick up the finished goods – or we can take care of that for you depending on location.  Basic charges are $50 per hour – see “Sawmill Services” for additional details.

Rough cut lumber sales

Rough cut lumber is generally done as custom orders and can be green \ rough cut, or processed through the kiln (2021).  In this manner we can better accommodate your specific needs in both species and dimensions.  Any rough cut lumber we have on hand ready to go – is listed here – Lumber for Sale.

Live Edge Slabs

Kiln Drying

A solar kiln will be an exciting addition to the setup coming in 2021.  This will allow us to kiln dry up to 1500 board feet of lumber per load in as little as 3-6 weeks depending on load and weather.

Custom Woodworking

Projects can be as simple as a cutting board – or as involved as a full set of kitchen cabinets.  See Project Gallery for some examples.  We can discuss your details, sketch up some ideas and draft an estimate for your specific project.

Any custom project will come with it’s own story.  I will take pictures along the way and post them on a blog here so you can follow your project from start to finish and watch it come together.  For some this will be the whole journey – from Tree to Timber to Treasure!