In the fall of 1999 – my wife and I moved into our home located on about 147 acres south of Kemptville.  Wood working has always been a hobby and passion for me, so it wasn’t long before a workshop started to take form in the barn.  I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to get involved in every aspect of the process.  I ended up felling trees and milling lumber off our property, air drying it and building many projects from it.  Trying to capture the whole process in a few words has led to my tagline – Tree to Timber to Treasure.  There is something very satisfying about taking a tree from your own property and turning it into a functional piece of furniture in your home.

In 2020 – a great friend of mine and I completed building our own bandsaw sawmill so we can continue to mill wood at our convenience.  In the fall of 2020, we milled enough lumber to build a permanent home for that sawmill.  The spring of 2021 will see the introduction of a solar kiln allowing us to greatly shorten the drying period – creating kiln dried wood in as little as 4-6 weeks.  A solar kiln is more effective than air drying as it gets the wood to a lower moisture content in a shorter period of time.  It’s also more stable for the wood than a commercial kiln – there are less cracks and checks, and less internal stresses in the lumber.

Building the sawmill gave me a great opportunity to learn and improve my metal working knowledge as well.  I now have the ability to combine both the wood working and metal working to create some truly unique and functional pieces.

If I’m not learning something new – I feel like I’m going backwards.  I’ve been a huge do-it-yourself person for my entire life and an avid woodworker for the past 20+ years.  Most of the projects I’ve done to date have been for friends and family including a number of commissioned pieces.  At this point, I’m looking to transition my passion and hobby into a small side business – split between products I create for sale, and specific commissioned projects.

When it comes to creating projects for you – we can be as creative or as defined as you’d like.

  • Do you want to use your own trees, our lumber, or store bought lumber?
  • Are you looking for a fully wooden project, or combine wood and metal?
  • Be creative with fully dimensional lumber, custom thicknesses, and live edge slabs

Drop me a line – let’s create your treasure.