Another day.  Another news story.  Another random act of violence. Another demonstration of hate and intolerance.  It happens everywhere – at any time – to anyone.  We will never stop it all – so what do you do?

You do whatever you can.  However large – however small.  Stand up and make a difference.  Drown the hate in raindrops of kindness.  We cannot afford to be indifferent.

Do you have any idea how simple it is to make someone’s day? Can you interact with someone and leave them happier than before they encountered you?  That’s a pretty low bar – how hard can that possibly be? A smile, a hello, a “thank-you”, some patience. Simple manners, courtesy, politeness and warmth go a long way. A raindrop.

Hold a door open for someone.  Offer to carry someone’s bags.  Return someone’s empty cart for them. Pick up some litter and throw it away.  Let someone cut in when in heavy traffic. None of these actions cost you a dime – or even much time. The positive impact will always outweigh your investment. Another raindrop of kindness.

If you have a few dollars to spare – pay for the order behind you in drive-through.  Drop off some baking for our first responders, or a thank-you card. Give a small gift card to someone – anyone – just “because”. The ideas are endless – so are the effects – more raindrops of kindness.

You don’t need to record it, tweet it, post it, or even tell anyone about it.  Just own it – feel good about who you are – and make the world just a little bit better.

What is your raindrop of kindness today?


Random acts of kindness MUST outweigh random acts of violence each and every day. Make your mark today.